30 May 2016

The Mystery of the Bathing Beauties

Welcome to Summer and another Mystery Photo Monday!

Ah, Memorial Day. The day that marks the unofficial start of the summer season. Let's head to the beach!

Who are these bathing beauties? I have no clue. A bottle of sunscreen, your choice, to the person who can confirm a name of even just one of these fun-loving beach bums. I will give you one clue. The very lovely woman in the dark bathing suit, far left, appears in some of my photos connected with the Traina family. 

Having a grand time! Wish you were here! Nine women and one man at the beach. Unidentified. Collection of E. Ackermann.
Unidentified bathing beauties, probably at the Jersey Shore. Sometime in the 1950's?
The woman kneeling, far left, appears in other photos associated with the Traina family.

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