27 June 2016

The Mysterious Mickey

Hello friends. Are you sensing a summer-time theme in our recent Mystery Photo Monday posts? Aside from me not having a clue who these people are, that is. Yes, it's all about summer swimming goodness.

At least I think this is a bathing costume.

Here's was I think I know about this one:
  • Same border (plain black line, not shown here) as some photos from the Dixon family
  • The girl's top has "Mickey" written on it
  • There is an inscription on the back of the photo: "Love, Mickey."
  • Her footwear is pretty awesome
  • In the background is a young man, also possibly in a bathing suit, and a bicycle
Take your best shot, super sleuths. Do you know who this young woman is?

Young woman in bathing suit, with "Mickey" on her shirt, standing next to som plants. Possible connection to the Dixon family.
"Mickey," if that is her real name, in a bathing or athletic costume. Possibly from the Dixon family.

20 June 2016

The Mystery of the Waders in the Water

Here we are again. Another mystery for your Monday.

Here are this week's clues:
  • The photo was previously glued to a black scrapbook page.
  • The border is identical to several photos that I believed belonged to Estelle Karvoius.
And that's pretty much all I've got. If you recognize the girls or the pier, shout it out!

Photo of a young woman wading in water, holding a girl. Standing in front of a pier.
Come on in, the water's fine!

19 June 2016

Father's Day

One of the very few photos of me with both my parents, Frank and Mary (Dixon) Traina.
Me with my Dad and my Mom. June 1961.
I have remarkably few photos of my father, even fewer of the two of us, and fewer still of me with both my parents. This isn't surprising considering he died when I was six years old and my parents were separated at that time. I have no memory of ever living in the same house with him.

My only memories of him involve riding in his convertible. He picked me up and took me to his parent's house for dinner nearly every Sunday. I know that he played golf, and according to his military discharge papers, he had clerical skills. Also, he worked as a salesman for a medical supply company at the time of his death.

Really, that's not much. I often wonder what kind of person he was, and how we would have gotten along as I grew up.

Anyway, this Father's Day I'm thinking about my Dad.