23 May 2016

The Mystery of the Backyard Ball Game, Part 3

Final Inning.

Here's the last installment in the Ball Game series. There's no ball playing here, but I'm including it because you'll see two familiar faces if you've been following along.

The boy on the right is our friend the batter/catcher from Parts 1 and 2. And oh goody! Two more people who's names I don't know!

There's a familiar, if unidentified face here - the boy on the right appears in other photos. These three boys remain unidentified. They are probably associated with the Karvoius family of Elizabeth, NJ. Photo looks like it's from the 1920's. Collection of E. Ackermann.
The batter (right) and his buddies. Do you know these guys?

In the next photo, I'm sure you will recognize the prim little miss from the photo in Part 1. Same dress, same demure pose. I think the older girl in this photo is another unknown person. At first I thought it was Sophie Karvoius, but if you compare the hair from the previous photos, you'll see that this young woman has her hair parted on the side and is wearing what looks like a barrette or hair clip. In the other photos, the girl I believe to be Sophie has a center part and bangs.

One familiar, though unidentified face. The older girl I've not seen before. This photo is part of a series from the Karvoius family of Elizabeth, NJ. Likely taken in the 1920's. Collection of E. Ackermann.
I don't know who these girls are, but I wish I did.
The younger girl appears in another photo in this series.

I haven't bothered to enlarge the faces in these photos. They are pretty blurry, and it doesn't add any detail to see them larger.

If you've been keeping up with the play-by-play here you'll realize that I don't know who the heck most of these people are. If you'd like to weigh in with some expert commentary, please do!

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