16 May 2016

The Mystery of the Backyard Ball Game, Part 2

Batter Up!

As we continue with our backyard baseball extravaganza, we see the same boy with a bat.

Stepping up to bat, a boy who's name I don't know. Do you? Probably associated with the Karvoius family of Elizabeth, NJ. Sometime in the 1920's. Collection of E. Ackerman
Taking his turn at bat.

This is a cropped closeup from a larger photo. Unidentified boy playing ball. He may be associatied with the Karvoius family of Elizabeth, NJ. Probably taken in the 1920's. Collection of E. Ackermann.
He's a cute kid. Sure wish I knew his name!

Fun photo of (probably) my grandmother, Sophie Karvoius, posing with an unidentified boy. She's got the bat, he's the catcher. I'm guessing this was taken some time in the 1920's, possibly in Elizabeth, NJ.
Sophie's at bat! At least I'm almost certain that's Sophie Karvoius.

I've cropped the image so you can see the faces a bit clearer. I am fairly confident that this is my grandmother, Sophie Karvoius, taken some time in the 1920's. I don't know the boy's name. From the collection of E. Ackermann.
Cropped closeup of the original photo. They look like they're having fun.
I'm striking out on identifying the boy. Throw me a fast ball with his name written on it if you know who he is.

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