09 May 2016

The Mystery of the Backyard Ball Game, Part 1

Play Ball!

Another Monday, another mystery. For the next three weeks I'll be bringing you a series of photos from the Karvoius branch of the family. I believe were all taken at the same place and on the same day. Here's why I think that:
  • The clothing doesn't change
  • The location doesn't change
  • A few of the children appear in more than one photo
We'll kick things off here with my favorite picture of the lot.

Two boys and two girls taking a break from playing baseball. Or maybe just mugging for the camera. I believe the older girl is Sophie Karvoius, my grandmother, probably taken before her marriage in 1925 to Wally Dixon.
Taking a break from swinging the bat. The older girl is, I believe, Sophie Karvoius.

 I believe the oldest girl is my grandmother, Sophie Karvoius. I don't know who the other children are. Here's a closer look:

I believe the older girl in this picture is my grandmother, Sophie Karvoius. The two boys and the little girl are unidentified. Isn't this a fun picture? It's possible that it was taken in Elizabeth, NJ, likely in the 1920's.
Snacking, posing, playing baseball. Sophie Karvoius is the third from the left. The other children are unidentified.

That sure does look like Sophie.  I'm intrigued by the very composed little lady sitting next to her, with her legs crossed and her hands on her knees.  Also, I'm interested in the appearance of the African American boy on the right. I have never seen him in any other pictures. Perhaps he's a pal of the boy with the bat?

In the 1924 Elizabeth City Directory, they Karvoius family lived at 109 Inslee Place. In the 1925 Elizabeth City Directory, the Karvoius family lived at 247 Clark Place. Was this photo taken at either of these addresses. Was Sophie visiting other family or friends? Your guess is as good as mine.

If you've got a guess about who the people in this photo are, pitch it to me! Stay tuned for the second installment, coming one week from today!

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