18 April 2016

The Mystery of the Merry Group

The More Mysteries, The Merrier!

These folks, possibly related to me and/or each other, are featured in two photos from the collection. Both snapshots bear the same number stamped on the back: "43." There are a few seemingly familiar faces here. Familiar in the way that I have seen them in other photos. Not in the way where I actually know who they are. If you know who they are, tie a note to a pigeon and send it my way. [Or just leave a comment below.]

Cropped from the original.
That fellow on the right is either blurry or he's wearing the fuzziest sweater I've ever seen on a man.

The dog keeps an eye on them.
Here's the complete image. Now you can see that the folks on the right are looking down at a dog. Good dog! I don't know his or her name either.

I believe that the fellow in the suit appears further on down the page here in a bathing suit. See if you think there's a resemblance.

That man lurking in the background looks familiar to me. I'm sure I've got other photos of him in the collection. I think I need to figure out a way to diagram the familiar faces between the photos to see if there's some connection I'm missing. Have you ever done anything like that? I'd love to hear about it.

The fellow in the suit and the young woman look like they could possibly be a couple. So do the man and woman on the far right. Again, no real clue.

Just to add to the insanity, here's another photo from the same roll "42," only now we've added more people that I don't know.

The group changes, but the dog stays the same.

Now we've got three more women I can't identify at the party. Although I think the woman on the far left, standing, appears in other family photos.

Roll "259"

Now we move on to the second pair of photos. Do you think the guy in the bathing suit is the same person as the man in the suit from the previous two pictures? There's a resemblance, though his hair is curly, not slicked back.

And lastly, there's the fellow in the white trousers. Same dock, same pond. But he's not in any of the other photos.

Pretty good. You?
How you doin'?

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