27 April 2016

Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Remembering Mom


Mary E. (Dixon) Traina, working at her desk. Date and location unknown. Photo property of E. Ackermann.
Mary E. (Dixon) Traina. Administrative Professional.
She had mad secretarial skills.
My mother was a stellar typist. Her phone manners were top notch. She always tidied her desk at the end of the day. All in all, a most excellent secretary or, as some call them today, Administrative Professional.

She eventually became an office manager, and then a branch manager for Kelly Services. But that happened several decades after this photo was taken.

Here's a bit of advice she once gave me. There are two groups of people you should always be especially kind to in any business setting : the secretaries and the maintenance staff. Those folks are the ones who can really help you get things done.

You can read more about the holiday at Wikipedia or at the International Association of Administrative Professionals web site. 

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