01 April 2016

The Dixon Homestead 1953

Sophie & Wally Dixon working in their garden. Thompson Ave. Roselle, NJ. 1953
Sophie & Wally in the garden. 1953
Today I wanted to share parts of a letter written by my grandfather, Wally Dixon. It describes the first house my grandparents owned, and the improvements they had made and hoped to make in the future. Mostly though, it's full of humor, much like my Gramps.

1023 Thompson Ave.
Roselle, N.J.
March 18, 1953

"Our little place is shaping up pretty well but I figure that it will take us at least another year to get things the way we want them. Between slaving to improve the estate and ditto to pay for it, we are just working our heads to the bone. " [Get it? Heads...bone...bone heads? Ha!]

"At present the place reminds me of a fan dancer without even the fans. (Naked)" The Dixon home, Roselle, NJ. 1952.
The fan dancer without the fans. Naked. 1952.
 "So far I've removed ten trees in the rear of the house and had a contractor remove two from the front. At present the place reminds me of a fan dancer without even the fans. (Naked). I then spread fifty yard of top soil plus piles of fertilizer, believe me Ma, it's a heck of a lot easier to throw that stuff than it is to spread it." [See, I told you he was a funny guy!]

"I've planted twelve dwarf fruit trees that do not seem to be taking, twenty rose bushes, three peonies and about three hundred assorted Iris, Tulips and Glad. bulbs. I have on order for Spring delivery, twelve more rose bushes, thirty strawberry, twenty blackberry, ten raspberry, rhubarb, asparagus, asst. shrubs, also flower and lawn seeds. (The birds just love that last item.) I've also written to the Shade Commission for curb shade trees to replace the scrub ones that I removed."

The Dixon home on Thompson Ave., Roselle, NJ. 1953. A little yellow house with flowers all around!
After a year of hard work the place is shaping up!
"My collection of tools has become quite an investment in itself. I have about every tool that you can imagine and maybe a few that you can't even imagine. I have a swell power mower that has more pep than the old Green Hornet." [The Green Hornet appears to be parked in the driveway.]

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