25 April 2016

Other People's Ancestors : A Girl and Her Sheep

Wooly Wonders

It's Spring! Some of my friends are in the middle of lambing season, and soon enough we'll also be seeing some lovely freshly sheared fleeces. [I'm a fan of wool, both on the hoof and off.] It seemed appropriate that I share this photo that I found in an antique store.

Is this a 1920's version of a "Make it With Wool" contest? Is she posing with a favorite ewe? We'll never know. But her coat is fantastic, with it's plaid and big buttons, isn't it?

As always, if you recognize this girl (or the sheep) let me know. I'd be delighted to return the photo to the family.

A young woman (unidentified) models a terrific plaid jacket. A sheep adds to the wooly ambiance of the photo.
A girl and her sheep.
p.s. As a side note, the girl looks a little bit like a much younger me!

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