06 April 2016

Genealogy Do-Over : Month 4

March Assignments and What I Did

The assignment for March was to conduct a self interview, recording information about my life. We are also supposed to conduct family interviews with our parents and siblings.

Since I always enjoy talking to myself the self-interview was easy. [just kidding] I went ahead and entered all my vitals and such into my genealogy database as I thought of them. Then I dug up the supporting documents, scanned, sourced, transcribed them all. As I continue to come across personal information and supporting documentation I'll add that too.

I started from scratch entering vital information for my parents, being sure to add images, transcriptions, etc. of supporting documentation.

April Assignment and What I Plan to Do

  • Tracking research : We are encouraged to select a Research Log and use it to track our research. I'm already using the research log that comes with the RootsMagic software. It seems to be working pretty well for me, so I will continue with that.

  • Conducting Research : Now the fun starts! We are supposed to start with ourselves and for each data point (birth date, location, marriage, etc.) we are to track our research. For each record we find we are supposed to make an entry in our research log. Since I have already recorded and entered as much information as I have, all from copies or original records that I have on hand, I'm going to continue with tracking my research on my current focus, which is my maternal grandfather and his siblings.


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