15 February 2016

The Mystery of the Lady at the Curb

Here we are again. Another Mystery Photo Monday. In this week's installment we find a nicely dressed young woman standing at the curb in front of a house. I'm thinking of starting a visual database of house parts to see if it helps me connect the dots. Has anyone out there tried that?

In any case, I'm thinking this lady is from the Dixon side of the family and dating the photo between 1920-1941. For the reasoning behind the dates, see below the photo.

Photo of unidentified woman, probably a Dixon, standing at the curb in front of a house. Between 1920-1940. Printed in Elizabeth, NJ at Graham & McCloskey.
Mystery woman at the curb. Probably a Dixon relative, sometime between 1920-1940.

The reverse of the photo is stamped "Graham & McCloskey Co., Inc. 57 Broad St., Elizabeth, N. J." and stamped over that "1 407." By keeping track of the reverse markings on the photos in a photo log I'm hoping to be able to group photos to help with identification.

Graham & McCloskey were druggists who, it appears, offered photo printing services. They were at the 57 Broad Street address between 1920-21 and 1940-41 according to the Elizabeth, NJ City Directories that are available on Ancestry.com. And yes, I checked every available directory between 1917 and and 1941.

The druggists were located at 103 Broad St. in 1905. By 1907 they were at 101 Broad, where they stayed until 1920-21. By 1941 they had moved again, to 1147 East Jersey Street. I haven't tracked them before 1905 or after 1941 yet.

As always, if you have any clue who the person in the photo is, leave a comment or drop me a note!

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