05 February 2016

Mary E. Dixon : High School Graduate

Battin High School, Class of 1945

Here are some treasures found this week in my mother's 1944 Battin High School Yearbook. I don't know why she had a 1944 yearbook when she graduated in 1945.

Commencement program for Battin High School, Elizabeth, NJ. Class of 1945.
Commencement Program cover for
Battin High School, Class of 1945

Mary Elizabeth Dixon on the list of Battin High School (Elizabeth, NJ) graduates. 1945.
If Battin organized homerooms alphabetically,
these are the girls that sat next to Mary.

Battin High School, Elizabeth, NJ,  curriculum requirements met by Mary E. Dixon, Class of 1945.
Wouldn't you love to know what the
"Miscellaneous" offerings were in 1945?

Photo of graduates of Battin High School, Elizabeth, NJ, class of 1945. Proud and lovely girls! Mary E. Dixon seated, far right.
That's Mary E. Dixon seated on the far right.
This was taken on graduation day. The photographer helpfully stamped the date on the back.
If you see any familiar faces here, give me a shout. Also, if you think you might have a 1945 Battin grad in your family I'd be glad to check the program for names.


  1. My moms class Doris Bloomfield

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. As you can see in my blog post, I have the commencement program for the class of 1945. If you would like a digital copy of it you can email me directly at rootedinelizabeth@gmail.com. Always happy to share 🙂