17 February 2016

Hazel Dorothy L. Dixon : Birth Certificate

The Midwife Wrote With an Austrian Accent

Please enjoy this quirky document that records the birth of the youngest child of William A. Dixon and Mary Elizabeth (Klein) Dixon. Hazel was born four years after my grandfather, her brother, Wallace B. Dixon.

The midwife, Therese M. Layerer, was born in Austria according to census records. She had lovely penmanship and wrote with an accent. Take a look at the document and see if you can tell what I mean.

Birth record for Hazel Dorothy L. Dixon, born 16 Jan 1909 to William Dixon and "Lissie Kleine" [Mary E. Klein] in Elizabeth, NJ.
Birth Certificate for Hazel Dorothy L. Dixon, b. 16 Jan 1927
Here's my transcription of the document, with comments [in brackets].

DIXON [written across the top]
State of New Jersey. Bureau of Vital Statistics.
Certificate and Record of Birth. #79
Name of Child: Hazel Dorothy L. Dixon [note the odd shape of the "x."]
Sex: Girl. Color: White. Date of Birth: 16 January 1909
Place of Birth: No. [or "At?"] 65 Marchal St. [possibly Marshall St.]
Name of Father: William Dixon [that funny "x" again]. Father's Birthplace: Elizabeth.
Maiden Name of Mother: Lissie Kleine [They may have called her Lizzie.] Mother's Birthplace: Oho [Ohio]
Age of Father: 46. Occupation of Father: Carp Ender [He killed fish for a living. Or he was a Carpenter.]
Age of Mother: 42. Occupation of Mother: ----
Number of Children in all by this marriage: 10. Number of Children now living: 7.
Name and P.O. Address of Professional Attendant in own handwriting:
Therese M. Leyerer, Midwife
73 E. Jersey St. Eliz NJ.
Date of this Report: [none given]

Many thanks to the good folks at the NJ State Archives for digging this up for me.

Hazel Dorothy L. Dixon, birth certificate 79 (16 January 1909), Elizabeth, Union county, New Jersey. New Jersey State Archives, Trenton, New Jersey.

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