09 February 2016

Genealogy Do-Over : Month 2

The Do-Over so far...

January's assignment was easy-peasy.

  1. Set previous research aside : I purchased and downloaded Roots Magic software, which I plan to use for my main database from now on. In the spirit of the Do-Over I did not import any of my files from Family Tree Maker into RM. Rather, I started a brand new database that I can take my time filling as I learn new and better research habits.
  2. Preparing to do research : As I intended, I have started keeping the desk clean and tidy, and my computer desktop as well. I have begun setting research goals, objectives, and making research plans. I've even started scribbling a note to myself on where to pick up with my research next time. I'm all in with Evernote after watching Lisa Louise Cooke's videos on using Evernote for genealogy. They are available to her Premium Members, and worth every penny of the subscription.  


February Assignments and What I Plan to Do

Establish Base Practices and Guidelines : Come up with a list of 5 procedures that will guide your research process.

  1. Create a written research goal, with specific objectives.
  2. Methodically track research using the built in logs in Roots Magic, including negative results.
  3. Thoroughly mine every source for all data, recording in appropriate places for each fact/individual mentioned.
  4. Take time to fill out source citation form, to link each fact for each individual to the appropriate citation.
  5. Update to-do lists for each individual as each source is evaluated.

Setting Research Goals : Decide on a system for creating and tracking research goals.

I plan to write out my research goals using Evernote. It is very easy to create and edit notes, and create checklists in that app. Once I've managed to sort out exactly what I want to know, what I already know [and how I know it], come up with a series of questions that will help me with my research, and make a list of sources to check, I then begin working with the Research Logs and To-Do lists in Roots Magic to help me track my results on the way to my goal.

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