14 March 2016

The Mystery of the Lovely Lillian

Sincerely, Lillian

Photo portrait of "Lillian." Friend of Estelle Karvoius. Possibly from Elizabeth, NJ c. 1925-1930.
Lillian, mysterious and sinceere.
On this mysterious Monday, I bring you a photo of Lillian. Lillian is glued to the page of a scrapbook that belonged to my great-aunt, Estelle Karvoius.

Estelle was born in 1909. As a starting point, I'm going to offer this theory. If Lillian was a high school classmate, that would put this photo in the date range of somewhere between 1925 through maybe 1930. It would also mean that Lillian lived in Elizabeth, New Jersey. 

Of course, I could be entirely wrong about that.

If you recognize this sincere and lovely lady, please get in touch!

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