02 March 2016

Happy Birthday Wallace B. Dixon

Here's to Gramps!

Today, March 2, 2016, is the one hundred and eleventh anniversary of my Grandfather, Wallace Bernard "Wally" Dixon.

Every birthday party needs pony rides!
Wally's on the pony, his pal, Jimmy Fahy is
keeping things under control.
Wally was born on 2 March 1905 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Two days later, Thodore Roosevelt was inaugurated as the 26th President of the United States. That may explain the name "Theodore Wallace" that appears on Wally's original birth certificate. [You can read about that here.]

That year, the Wright brothers seemed to have mastered air flight. By October of that year Wilber Wright was able to keep the Wright Flyer III aloft for nearly 40 minutes, covering a little over 24 miles. 1905 was also the year the Albert Einstein introduced his Theory of Relativity

If there are birthday parties in Heaven, Gramps will be enjoying soft shell crabs, clams casino, and a big dish of ice cream for dessert.

Happy Birthday Gramps!

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