28 March 2016

Other People's Ancestors : Lena E. MacKenzie

May I present Lena E. MacKenzie? I found these photos in an antique store in Virginia. The first three were taken at Lovejoy photography studio in Owego, New York. The last one was taken at the McFarlin studio in Elmira, New York. She is as elusive as my own ancestors! My searching has turned up nothing. If you know anything about Miss Lena, please contact me. I'd be delighted to return these photos to a descendant of hers.

Lena E. MacKenzie. Photo taken at Lovejoy Studios, Front Street, Owego, NY. Probably around 1890?
Lena E. MacKenzie, c. 1890, Owego, NY

Lena E. MacKenzie, posing at the Lovejoy Photography Studio, Owego, NY. The photo is dated 3 May 1896.
Lena E. MacKenzie, 3 May 1896.

Lena E. MacKenzie. Lovejoy Photo Studio, Owego, NY. Risto.
I believe this is also Lena MacKenzie.
This was with the other photos, and it looks like her.

Lena E. MacKenzie. 1903. The photographer is McFarlin in Elmira, NY.
Miss Lena MacKenzie, looking very grown up in 1903.
The photographer was McFarlin in Elmira, NY

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