13 January 2016

Wallace B. Dixon : Here's Looking at You Kid!

I have yet to find any baby pictures of my grandfather, Wallace B. Dixon (b. 1905, d. 1984). However, I do have a few from his childhood and teen years.

Wallace B. Dixon on a pony, and his pal, Jimmie Fahy, not on the pony. 1912.
Wallace B. Dixon and his pal, Jimmie Fahy
This photo of my Gramps on a pony is one of my favorites. The house in the background doesn't look familiar, so I can't say for sure where this was taken. Possibly in Elizabeth, NJ. Gramps would have been 7 years old at the time. My grandfather gave me a copy of this photo back in the 1970's. On the back he wrote:

Summer 1912 
Dear Liz,  This is a picture of Gramps Dixon astride "Secretariat." Jimmie Fahy is the trainer. Our time was "nothing flat." 

That may give you a glimpse of my Gramp's sense of humor. He could be a funny guy. You'll see more of Jimmie as this blog develops. He and Gramps were friends into adulthood. I've got several more photos of him as an adult, and he is a subject of some collateral research I hope to do. It would be great to find his descendants and give them a copy of this photo if they don't already have one.

Wallace B. Dixon. Sometime after 1912.
Wallace B. Dixon.
The second image  I cropped from a photo that shows my grandfather with his father, William A. Dixon, and his sister, Hazel. (I'll include the whole image in a future post.) I think Wally was a little older when this photo was taken than he was in the pony picture. I'm going to guess it was taken somewhere around 1915-20.

By 1920, when Wally was 15, William was no longer living in the household. Wally's mother declared herself as widowed and head of household in the census that year. I'm guessing there was a divorce in the works since William didn't actually die until 1927.

Wallace B. Dixon and an unidentified young woman. Probably early 1920's?
Wally Dixon and a friend.
The third photo shows Wally as a teenager/young man. He was a cutie, wasn't he? And so thin! I don't know who the girl is. A girlfriend maybe? I haven't found her in any other photos yet.

So this photo was probably taken after 1920. He married my grandmother, Sophie Karvoius, in 1925.

If you have an idea of who the young woman is, or what the date on this photo might be, please leave a comment!

Jimmie Fahy, Wallace B. Dixon, and two unidentified friends. Looks like they're ready for some fun.
From left: Jimmie Fahy, Wally Dixon, and two unidentified rascals.
I think this last photo is really funny. Do these guys look like they are about to embark on some hi-jinks or what? They're all dressed up, so maybe they're going to a dance or some other social event. And there's Jimmie Fahy to the left of his pal Wally. I don't know who those other two rascals are. If you recognize them, let me know, won't you?

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