18 January 2016

The Mystery of the the Boy with the Boutonierre

Mystery Photo Monday : More kids, and familiar faces.

Unidentified boy in a suit. Possibly a first Communion photo. Circa the 1920's? Dixon or Karvoius side of the family?
The Boy with the Boutonierre.
Does anyone recognize this boy?

More children this week! Does anyone recognize this boy? It looks like he just made his First Holy Communion. Here's another photo from the party, with more mystery kids.

Unidentified boy, possible First Holy Communion celebration, with four other children. c. 1920's?
More Mystery Ancestors.
Doesn't that toddler look like Wallace A. Dixon?
There's the Boy with the Boutonierre, in the back. That toddler in the front sure looks like my grandfather, Wallace B. Dixon. But given that this photo looks more like a scene from the 1920's, it could be his son, Wallace Andrew Dixon. That is an extremely wild guess. If any of my cousins would like to weigh in here I'd appreciate it!

And more girls! But wait! That girl in the back there. She looks familiar. I think we saw her sitting on a stoop with some kids back in another Mystery Photo Monday post. Same girl, just a little older in this week's installment? What do you think?

Girl cropped from photo of other children, with boy who may have made First Holy Communion.
Mystery girl from this post.

Girl cropped from photo of other children, sitting on stoop. Possible connection with boy from Boutonierre photo.
Mystery girl from previous post.

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