04 January 2016

The Mystery of the Sports Team From Bayonne

Welcome to Mystery Photo Monday!

Girl poses with 5 men at a sporting event. Some of the men wear "Bayonne" jerseys. Factory in the background.
Sports fan poses with guys from Bayonne and that other team.

Questions. I've got questions. I've got lots and lots of questions....

  • Do you know any of these people? I have no idea who they are. This photo might be from either the Dixon or Karvoius side of the family. I don't know which.
  • Is that the Singer Sewing Machine Factory in the background?  I'm pretty sure it is. If you compare it to this image from the Library of Congress, the buildings look to be the same. For a really close look you can download the high res image from their web site and enlarge it. The windows show the same pattern in both photos. The Singer factory in Elizabeth, NJ was a major employer in the city for 109 years. It closed in 1982. Many of my Karvoius family ancestors worked there. Probably a few Dixon ancestors too.
  • What sport do you think they might be playing?
  • Can anyone date this photo? Roughly?
  • What team is that other guy with? The one with the big "F" on his chest?
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If you have answers to any of these questions, or can offer any insights at all, drop me a note or leave a comment.

Thanks a bunch!


  1. In the background is Singer's "C" building on First St. It was erected in 1905 and housed offices, some manufacturing, and a warehouse. The building was raised after Singer was closed in 1984. A bus storage facility is there today. Singer had a recreation building and a ball field with an oval track across the street for employees. The men in the photo may have been participating in an inter-league event. At first I thought of baseball but the those Bayonne labelled clothes don't look like baseball uniforms. Perhaps a soccer match or track meet was being held.

  2. Hi Bob, Thanks for such a lovely, detailed comment. I was pretty sure it was Singer's in the photo. I spent many afternoons in the car with my grandfather, waiting to pick up Grandma when she got off of her shift there. It' nice to know just which building it is. The uniforms puzzle me too. I was thinking maybe football, but that didn't seem quite right either. It's a good thing I like mysteries :-) Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to comment.