01 August 2016

The Mysterious Buddies at the Beach

 You may recognize some of these fellows from last week's edition of Mystery Photo Monday.

Apparently that pyramid they made impressed some of the girls at the beach. Three couples? Who's taking the photo? And that eternal question - who the heck are these people?

Just like last week, these came out of an album belonging to my Great-Aunt Estelle Karvoius. Looks like maybe the 1920's? In the second photo, two of the people are wearing shirts with large letters on them. Can you decipher what those initials mean? Help!

Three young men and three young women posing arm in arm on a beach. All wearing bathing suits. c. 1920's? Photo from album owned by E. Karvoius, privatley held by E. Ackermann, 2016.
Six unidentified beach buddies. From Estelle Karvoius's photo album.
A young man poses arm in arm with two young women on a beach somewhere. He wears a shirt with the letters "?YC" and one girl has "HD" on her shirt. From album belonging to E. Karvoius, privately held by E. Ackermann, 2016.
What do the letters mean? Who are these people?
They look like they are having fun.
Photos from Mary Dixon Traina Colleciton, privately held by E. Ackermann, 2016.

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