29 August 2016

Motoring Monday : The 1928 Star Coupe

Most likely a Durant 1928 Star Coupe, or darned close to it!
From the 1928 Star M2 Fact Sheet at DurantCars.net.

1933 - 1934 : Back to Durant

As far as I can tell, because it seems that nothing is straight-forward as far as the production information of vintage automobiles, the car owned during the years 1933-1934 by Wallace B. Dixon(1) looked something like the image on the left. You can see lots of pictures of a modern restoration  of a 1928 Star Coupe at the Texas Transportation Museum website.

It certainly makes a change from the huge family-sized cars that my grandfather owned in previous years. I guess the kids rode in the trunk.

The Star Line

Wikipedia image.
Public Domain.
We covered the Durant Motor Company in a previous post featuring my grandfather's 1923 Durant Touring Car. I will just add a few comments about the Star. This Durant line was intended to compete with the Ford Model T. According to this Wikipedia article, it was in production from 1922 to 1928. The six-cylinder engine was first offered in 1926. Prior to that the Star line featured a four-cylinder engine. Star vehicles were produced in several Durant assembly plants around the country, including the one in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The serial number on the Vehicle Registration is missing the letter code that would indicate where this car was assembled. Too bad. It would be very cool if it had been made in Elizabeth!

License and Registration

1933 New Jersey Auto Driver's License issued to
Wallace B. Dixon. Privately held by E. Ackermann.
As you can see on the 1933 Auto Driver's License and the 1933 Passenger Vehicle Registration, the family is living at 239 Marshall Street in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the site of Wally's Confectionary. My grandfather was 27 years old when the license was issued. It looks like he's put on about ten pounds since his 1930 Driver's License was issued, but he's still standing tall at five feet, seven inches. (2)

1933 New Jersey Passenger Vehicle Registration issued to
Wallace B. Dixon. Privately held by E. Ackermann.

  (1) Wallace B. Dixon, handwritten note listing all the cars he owned and home addresses. Wallace B. Dixon Collection, privately held by his grandaughter, E. Ackermann, 2016.

(2) New Jersey driver's licenses from 1926, 1928, 1929, Wallace B. Dixon Collection; privately held by Elizabeth Ackermann, [address for private use], 2016. Inherited by his daughter, Mary E. Dixon Traina, and then by her daughter, E. Ackermann. 

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