26 October 2017

Wedding Bells 1925 : Karvoius & Dixon

 On October 26, 1925 Wally Dixon and Sophie Karvoius were wed. It was Sophie's 19th birthday. Wally had turned 20 in March of that year.

The ceremony took place at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church on Ripley Place in the Elizabethport neighborhood of Elizabeth, New Jersey. St. Pete's (as we called it) was a Lithuanian church that Sophie's immigrant parents attended, and which the extended family would continue to attend for many decades.

Reverend Joseph Simonaitis performed the wedding ceremony. The witnesses were Sophie's youngest  sister, Estelle Karvoius, and Wally's friend, Peter Moretti.

My grandfather looks so dapper in his bow-tie!
Left to right: Jimmy Fahey, Wallace B. Dixon,
best man Peter Moretti, and an indentified friend.

Sophie Karvoius in her wedding dress.

The photos and the wedding invitation are from my personal collection.

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