11 January 2017

Wallace B. Dixon : Patent Holder

In 1963 W.B. Dixon was granted a U.S. Patent for the design of a toy camera that ejected a pre-printed image. Collection of E. Ackermann, 2017.
Cover page of Letters Patent granted to
Wallace B. Dixon in 1963.
Collection of E. Ackermann, 2017
In 1963 my grandfather, Wallace B. Dixon, was awarded a patent for a toy camera(1). He was quite proud of this achievement.

A search on Google recreates the text and images presented here. It also lists later patents that referenced my grandfather's, including two from Fisher Price Toys, and one from Mattel, Inc.(2)

The attorney who helped my Grandpa with his patent filing was Richard L. Cannaday. They became lifelong friends. I remember going to visit Mr. Cannaday in his office, and seeing him at my grandparents' home. He was a very nice man. I think he was responsible for Gramps getting an annual holiday delivery of giant Hersey chocolate bars, and other treats.

My grandfather did some work for Mr. Cannaday, restoring and repairing antique firearms. It gave him an excuse to buy a lathe for his basement workshop.  Mr. Cannaday also had Gramps help out with other patent work. He built a model of an apparatus for "rocking a human being," a patent later granted to Mary V. Neal. (3) [My baby doll stood in for the person in the scale model.]

The camera patent was never sold, and the toy was never produced. But I think my grandfather was satisfied with his achievment.

The Letters Patent

You can click on any image here, as well as the one above, to enlarge it.


(1) Letters Patent No. 3,090,158 for Toy Camera, United States Patent Office; Dixon Family Collection; privately held by Elizabeth Ackermann, [address for private use], 2017. Original certificate and documentation, with drawings, for U.S. Patent granted 21 May 1963.

(2) Google Patents (https://www.google.com/patents/US3090158 : accessed 10 January 2016), transcription of patent by W.B. Dixon, with images.

(3) Richard Cannaday to Wallace B. Dixon, 5 March 1966, Letter File Box, 2 page letter; reference firearm repair, Mary Neal [inventor], privately held by Elizabeth Ackermann, [address for private use], 2017.

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