02 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017!

I'm starting this year off with the obligatory New Year's baby photo, a picture of Someone Else's Ancestor. If you are kin to Raymond E. Lockwood [b. abt June 1888], please get in touch. It would make my year to return this photo to his family!

Photo of young boy, about a year old, taken in 1889, Santa Cruz, CA. Raymond E. Lockwood.
Raymond E. Lockwood, photographed by McKean & Ort, Santa Cruz, California.
Photo found in an antique store in Virginia. E. Ackermann collection, 2017.

"Raymond E. Lockwood. 1 yr. June '89." written on back of photo of young boy. Studio portrait taken in Santa Cruz, CA.
"Raymond E. Lockwood. 1 yr. June '89." Reverse of photo above.

 Here we go again!

1 January 2017 marks the One Year Anniversary of this blog. 2016 was a great year for family history. New discoveries were made, "new" cousins were found, I learned some new skills. All good stuff.

As we get a fresh start this year here are a few of my genealogy resolutions:
  • continue with my grandfather's generation, and start pushing back to his parents' families and siblings [and their families]
  • put in more social history research time
  • scan and post more of my photo collections
  • start writing my personal history
  • continue adding to my genealogy skill set
  • create at least one printed photo book to preserve the pictures that I've scanned so far
  • print a copy of last year's blog posts
How about you? What are your plans for researching, preserving, and/or sharing your family history?

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