06 July 2016

Update : Minnie, Clara, and Hazel Dixon

Through the magic of the Internet I've been contacted by some cousins I've never met, and they have begun knocking down some brick walls. Thank you to my Moore cousins!

Minerva "Minnie" (Dixon) Moore

These cousins, grandchildren of my grandfathers eldest sister, Minnie, have helped fill in a lot of blanks. I now know that Minnie's name really was Minerva. She married William Moore and they had two sons, Ralph "Bucky" Moore and Milton "Derby" Moore. And here they are:

Ralph "Bucky" Moore
Milton "Derby" Moore
This solves a photo mystery for me. The photo of Derby had a caption written on the back by my grandfather so I knew his name. But I did not know the connection to my grandfather. Now I know that they were first cousins.

The second mystery is found in a photo that I will feature in an upcoming post. The photo featured two couples, both unidentified. But thanks to two sets of new-found cousins I have now identified both couples and know their connection to the family.


Clara Viola "Toots" (Dixon) O'Hare Greaves 

Clara Viola was called "Toots" and she once had a thrift shop in Elizabeth. My cousins also confirmed something that I had suspected - Clara had been married twice. I've written before about her marriage to John O'Hare. Her second husband had the surname Greaves. More clues to research!

Hazel Dorothy (Dixon) Sullivan

My cousins tell me that Hazel, the youngest of the siblings, was married to a man with the surname of Sullivan. As far as anyone can remember, she had no children.

Hooray for Cousins!

All of this information should help my research quite a bit. I'm hoping that my cousins will have some memories of my grandfather's siblings, and of growing up in Elizabeth. I'd really like to know more!


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  2. My Dad and Uncle.Toots thrift shop was on Elizabeth ave across the st. From Garys Restaurant.