03 September 2016

Ralph E. Moore : Birth Record

Minnie Dixon's Second Son

Ralph E. Moore, c. 1945. Born 13 February 1909 in West New Brighton, Staten Island, NY. Cropped from larger photo. Privately held by E. Ackemann, 2016.
Ralph E. Moore c. 1945
Ralph E. Moore was born on 13 February 1909 at the home of his parents at 30 Barker Street, West New Brighton, Staten Island, New York. The house was a short distance from the north shore of the island. Across the narrow channel of the Arthur Kill is Bayonne, New Jersey. It appears that the original house at that address has been replaced with a more modern duplex, but if you look at the street view in Google Maps there are plenty of older homes on the block that can give some flavor of the neighborhood in the early 20th century.

Ralph, who came to be know as "Bucky," was the second son born to Minnie (Dixon) and Milton Moore. Minnie was the first child of Mary Elizabeth (Klein) and William A. Dixon, and was a native of Elizabeth, New Jersey. Milton, son of William and Sarah Moore, had been born in West New Brighton. He was employed as a "marine engineer."

Transcription of Birth Record

Ralph. E. Moore, born Feb. 13, 1909 in West New Brighton, Staten Island, NY to Minnie (Dixon) and Milton Moore. Minnie was the oldest daughter of Mary E. (Klein) and William A. Dixon.
Birth Certificate for Ralph E. Moore,
born 13 February 1909
Municipal Archives, New York City
The City of New York.
Department of Health.
State of New York.
Certificate and Record of Birth.
No. of Certificate, 436.

Name of Child: Ralph E. Moore
Sex: Male
Color: White
Date of Birth: Feb 13, 1909
Place of Birth, Street and No. : 30 Barker St., West Brighton
Father's Name: Milton Moore
Father's Residence: 30 Barker St.
Father's Birthplace: West New Brighton
Father's Age: 24
Father's Occupation: Marine Engineer
Mother's Name: Minnie E. Moore
Mother's Name before Marriage: Minne E. Dickson [Dixon]
Mother's Residence: 30 Barker St.
Mother's Birthplace: Elizabeth, N.J.
Mother's Age: 24
Number of previous Children: One
How many now living (in all): Two
Name and address of person making this report: F. C[?]ley, WNB
Date of Report: [blank]
[stamped received ? 5 1909]


Ralph E. Moore, birth certificate 436 (1909), Municipal Archives, New York City Department of Records and Information Services, New York, New York. 
Google, Google Map showing 30 Barker St., West New Brighton, Staten Island, New York. Copyright Google 2016. (https://goo.gl/maps/X1dcyxyjxMz : accessed and linked 2 September 2016).

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